Accounting Services For Mortgage Brokers


The Dream

Maybe you got into mortgage broking because you have a passion for helping people finance their dream at the best possible rate.

Maybe you got into mortgage broking because the thought of being your own boss and working mobile with your own hours appealed to you.

Or maybe you’ve just found yourself in the industry after a series of twists and turns in your life, and while you’re happy you’ll stick at it.

The Highs:

The highs might include:

  • Securing that great deal for the lovely young couple who are about to have a baby, the elation of negotiating with the big banks and coming out with a result for the refinancing couple, setting an individual up with their investment property knowing you assisted in a way they probably wouldn’t have been able to achieve themselves.
  • The hours, for the most part, you can pick and choose yourself. Being able to be slightly unconventional to suit your family life and juggling the career of your partner as well as your kids
  • The autonomy – being your own boss is important to you, it’s what motivates you and makes you really thrive.

But then there’s the downer.

The Legwork:

On top of everyone else’s dream home/dream investment/ dream loan or financing paperwork, there’s:

  • The tedious balancing of your books - of figures, juggling of assets, working out which industry specific tax laws apply to you and how best to situate yourself in order to make them as advantageous as possible.
  • The long, strange hours - you’ve ended up working to fit into everyone else’s busy home/life balance have become even longer when you use what could be your family and/or recreation time to nut out your own business’s financial situation. And how that will play out for your own dreams and financial commitments.
  • The market and the economic climate careful observation to help best advise your clients.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Invest Your Time and Money Wisely

It’s what you tell your clients, right? Are you taking your own advice?

The elation that comes with engaging the services of a professional to carry out your accounting can turn your business, as well as your life balance, around. Take advantage of expert financial advice and services could equate to the difference between you running around crazily trying to make your business succeed, and taking a measured, strategic approach to your career and keeping all your finances current.

You may be new to the broking game, you might be an old hand – whatever point in your business cycle you’re at, Hillyer Riches can help you make sure your business is in the strongest position it can be.

This includes help with purchasing of franchises and start-ups through to established mortgage brokerage firms.

We will guide you through difficult patches (thank you global financial crisis), changes of legislation and regulations, and provide you with regular strategic analysis and assessments to weather you through the storms and ensure your brokerage doesn’t send you broke.

We have industry specific knowledge in accounting for mortgage brokers, with a proven track record get you, or keep you, on the right path to your business dream.

Accounting Services for Mortgage Brokers

We provide the following accounting services for mortgage brokers:

  • Registrations for and ABN, GST and business names
  • Advice about buying, selling and starting up a new mortgage broking business.
  • The best business structures for your mortgage broking business
  • Asset protection
  • Strategic planning.
  • Managing loans by shareholders and directors from your company
  • Planning for retirement
  • Tax planning and tax advice
  • Management accounting, budgeting and cash flow forecasting for mortgage brokers
  • Producing financial statements and all manner of tax returns including FBT and Payroll Tax returns.
  • Helping you with objections to ATO assessments.
  • Salary Packaging
  • Payroll setup, PAYG summaries and statement
  • Record keeping for mortgage brokers
  • Small Business Tax Concessions

With almost 30 years in business, we have the expertise to help you reach your goals in the mortgage broking business by providing you with specialist accounting for mortgage brokers.

Hillyer Riches can take the hassle out of your accounts so you can give your clients their dream loan all while having your dream career.

Without the time-consuming accounting and head-scratching business strategy part…

Contact Travis Allen today for further information.


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