Investment strategy

Prudent. Measured. Insightful.

You’ve worked hard to build your financial independence. Now you need genuinely independent support to provide advice on how to protect and manage your wealth.

Finding independent advice is surprisingly difficult. Many advisors, quite simply, don't put you first. At Hillyer Riches we do not promote any specific financial products and we do not receive commissions or incentives from anyone. We act solely in your best interests.

Hillyer Riches provide advice on your overall investment mix of asset classes and the risks they entail. We give you the tools to make good financial decisions and recommend other financial advisers where you want individual advice on specific investments. We recommend advisers you can trust and provide an independent point of review. We are a financial sounding board you can always trust.

Investment Strategies

Your investment strategies need to be specific and achievable. You want clear-cut goals with defined ways of achieving them.

Investment Strategies

Too General Much Better

I’m going to improve my finances

I’m going to cut 4 years and $60,000 in interest off my home loan by paying an extra $100 per month

Whether your goals relate to building assets, reducing debt or preserving wealth, we can help you set specific and achievable goals with clear plans on how you will reach them.

Investment Strategy Services

We’re the independent sounding board you always needed. When you come and see us about investment strategy, we’ll help you keep the big picture in focus. We’ll help you:

  • preserve the assets you’ve accumulated
  • discover the path to better savings and a stronger financial future
  • finally get ahead on your home loan
  • know when you’re ready for investment
  • select the right classes of investment and understand their risks
  • manage your tax
  • find your lost superannuation
  • get the credit under control
  • be prepared for the unexpected

We’ve been in the business for more than 30 years and we know how to help.

Accountants Who Listen

Our starting point?

We listen to understand your goals, to ensure we give the right advice.

Accounting Without the Jargon

While we love the numbers and all the legal requirements, we know you probably don’t.

We’ll help you set a clear investment strategy and we’ll deal with the accounting, so you can focus on investing and growing your wealth.

We’re accountants without the jargon. We cut through the complexity and talk in clear language you will understand.

Accountants With Simple Easy to Understand Fees

Each investment strategy is different, so we tailor our fees to your investing style and the level of advice you want.

Your package will be simple and affordable.

We help you understand right from the start what your full costs will be for the year. You won’t get charged extra every time you talk to us or send us an email. We actually like to talk to you and would rather you raise concerns or issues early so we can help you succeed.

We don’t get paid commissions or advise on individual assets. We can advise you on your overall investment risks and asset mix conflict free, and with only your wellbeing in mind.

Sound Like the Kind of Accountants You Need?

Lets talk. An initial consultation is completely free and we’d love to get to know you.